Structured Cabling

Site to Site or Inter-office Structured Cabling

In Building

We can wire up your office to accommodate capacities like IP phones, PC’s, Printers, WiFi Access Points, Intercom’s, IP Cameras, or pretty much anything that requires communications cabling.

Outside Plant

Connecting to your other office buildings or distribution points is what we’re talking about here. Building reliable high speed wired connections to provide communication over copper or fiber optic.

Fibre Optic, Copper and Wireless

Copper Cabling

The hard-line medium standard of most anything communication. With Ethernet transfer rates at speeds over 500 times that of your average home internet connection copper cabling is a staple in providing tested connectivity for the most demanding enterprise environments.

copper cabling
Fiber optic

Fiber Optic

By far the best choice for long distance high speed connections, especially where lighting may be of concern. With unlimited theoretical speed capacity, fibre optic is without question future proof technology.

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