Network Services

Design and Installation of Network Services

Design & Installation

It all starts with a good design. Not all devices can nor should be on the same logical network. To maximize flexibility, security and future proofing a good network plan must be on hand.

Virtual & Physical Networks

Maximize your return on investment of your physical network by having us virtualize it. We can overlay your one physical network with multiple secure and completely separate virtual networks to address the need for more devices or what have you.

Virtual and Physical Networks
Network Security

Network Security

By far the most critical breaches of private information occur because of poor network security. We can isolate and segment your network by deploying good firewall technologies and through virtualization. It’s critical to catch the threat on the fringe of your private network.

Fibre Optic, Copper & Wireless

Physical networks can be built using many mediums, some more applicable and cost effective than others. By understanding your use case and objectives we will design and build the right physical network for you.

Fibre Optic, Copper and Wireless
Intercom and IP Cameras

Security IP Cameras & Intercoms

For security, peace of mind, and operational requirements, IP cameras and Intercoms can play an important role. We’ve installed systems on ferry’s, warehouses, hotels, retail stores, and office buildings, for a variety of uses.

Ready To Get Your Security On?