Shared Services

It's Exclusive

Available to Not-for-profits and Municipal clients only.

A whole new community approach to technology support and digital marketing. By grouping your resources with other member organizations we can offer much better value through economy of scale.

As the member community grows, so does your return on investment. Simple right?


Here’s how it works

Shared Services Step 1


Currently the program intake is for Not-for-profits and Municipalities only.


Buy In.

To show commitment and for initial setup we request a reasonable membership fee.

Step 3

Take In.

You’ll receive a welcome package and we’ll schedule an onsite visit.

Step 4


Get ready for fanatical support and partake in the provided community tech forum.

Step 1Eligibility – First, you must be eligible. The current intake is for not-for-profits and recognized municipalities only.

Step 2Buy In – You buy into the shared service group for $400.

Step 3Take In – We send you a welcome package outlining the membership-based discount rates for each service.

Step 4Participate – That’s it. Get ready for fanatical support and great value!

Here’s what you get

Membership Roll

Member List.

Every month we publish the membership roll disclosing new member intake.


Save Money.

The bigger the community, the lower our service rates to all members!


More Benefits.

Get other membership benefits such as discounts on our technology workshops.

Privileged Access

Member Forum.

Get privileged access and discuss pitfalls, solutions, or just support each other.

Membership RollMember List – Every month we publish the membership roll (confidential for those that desire it).

RatesSave Money – Every month we adjust and publish the new member rates based on the shared service community membership.

More Benefits – You get 50% off any of our technology workshops. TBD – NOT yet available.

Privileged AccessMember Forum – You get privileged access to our member forum where you can reach out to like-minded members in your area.

Ready to start learning how to share?