Cloud Phone System Magic

The ‘anywhere you are’ business phone solution that’s completely transparent to your customers. A remote workforce dream with unlimited long distance, unlimited users, unlimited devices and free calling apps.

Totally Managed.

While you know your business, we know technology. Getting your technology proactively managed 24/7 means better security, piece of mind, staff efficiency, more time, and more customers.

GuruSites in 1.2.3.

A website is so much more than pretty pictures, it’s a marketing vehicle that needs to engage your customers and clients while calling them to action. 100% turnkey, these are GuruSites!

Totally Managed

While you know your business, we know technology. Having proactively managed IT 24/7 and digital marketing means better security, piece of mind, more time, and more customers.

Shared Services: A Game Changer!

(for non-profits and municipalities)

Our innovative ‘Shared Services’ Platform lets qualifying organizations save on technology costs. Join forces and increase your quality of service. As the community grows so do your discounts on services and equipment.

As far as we know, this is truly the first time a Service Provider is making ‘Information Technology’ support and ‘Digital Marketing & Communication’ affordable to organizations by way of collaboration and community effort.

Who We Are.

Approachable people simplifying technology.

With over 60 years of combined experience, in everything from network cabling to making the cloud your home, we can address nearly all of your technology needs efficiently and sensibly.

Kootenay Coop
Columbia Wireless
Skills Centre
The Civic Theatre
Cowans Office Supplies
The City of Nelson

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Technology Simplified

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