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Sensible Solutions located in Nelson, BC

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Located in Nelson, BC, ‘Sensible Solutions Inc.’ is a rapidly growing, energetic, customer focused, full service technology company. Our team of experts assists clients across the Kootenays within our three interdisciplinary divisions. From Communications, Security and Smart Building Installations to IT Management, Consultation, and Support to Cloud Infrastructure and Hosting we meet the needs of nearly any technology consuming organization.

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Giving Back

Value Through Giving

We drive value for all our clients and particularly enjoy giving back to our not-for-profit and small municipality friends, those with fewer resources, in providing donations and service discounts. To that end, we make technology accessible and affordable.

The Capitol Theatre
Kootenay Coop
Live Metal Studio
Ainsworth Hot Springs
Apple Tree Maternity

A Message From Our Founder

“Having worked in the I.T. sector with consultants and integrators for over 16 years it was always apparent that many service providers use the same ‘one size fits all’ solutions across their entire customer base. While this improves their bottom line, it does little in maximizing customer value. A customized approach takes more involvement but provides the results the client wants within the resources they have. With that in mind, I wanted to create a flexible, full-service, I.T. solutions company that catered solutions to each customer’s specific need and budget. So, true to our company name, we strive to offer exactly that, a sensible value-centric solution for each and every customer.”

Mike Siegmund
Sensible Solutions Inc.

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